Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventures with AJ

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you enjoyed your flight and are having fun tonight in Miami. I wanted to write and tell you about my first day at Shan and Brian's. When they picked me up I had just been put down for a nap. I was SO happy when Aunt Shan was there taking me out of my crib! I really liked the ride because Abby was there to keep me company.

When we got to the house I played for a bit while Abby had a nap, and then I ate lunch. I discovered I had superpowers! Did you know that if there is a single solitary tiny object on the floor I can find it and put it in my mouth? I found a dime-sized piece of paper and was happily chewing on it while Brian was supposed to be watching me. Shan came over and made me spit it out. I didn't mind, it wasn't that tasty anyway.

After my lunch I decided it was time for a nap. Shan could tell because I kept staring at her and my eyes were all puffy. I went down with my new friend the giraffe and a teddy bear blanket of Abby's, because Shan had forgotten to grab my monkey and blankies.

I really liked watching the ceiling fan spinning overhead and went to sleep with no fuss at all. I liked snuggling the giraffe, it plays music!

I slept for a really long time, almost 3 hours! Then Shan decided to get me up, she is so selfish, she thinks she deserves to sleep at some point tonight.

After a while we had dinner and it was time to play again! Abby has so many toys that I like, but I think the old keyboard from DI is my favorite. I can button mash all I want! I've sampled almost all of the toys around, and find that some of them feel really good on my gums, in particular a pretend slice of peach.

Abby and I decided to spend some quality time looking out of the screen door. I like seeing all the cars go by. I even got to say hi to Shan's neighbor, Barbara! She is really nice and walked me all around the house.

I miss you mom and dad but I hope you have a great time!

Love, A.J.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever

Okay the truth is I just put more effort into my law blog now, because I have a lot of legal friends across the country and they give me great feedback. I should probably just shut this one down but it's been around so long I would miss it. A random Googler found my blog today and paid me a compliment, how cool is that?

Things are going well, although of course my energy mostly goes to school. Here it is 11:30 at night and I am doing laundry, bound and determined to do all of it, because I am just sick to death of what my house has turned into. School is taking up more and more time and it's frustrating, because let's just say that things are not "to my level of expectation" around here if I'm not the one doing it.

I got some fantastic new jeans and boots today. I am INTO Fall! Now that we've had our first snow I'm into Fall, you say? Yep. Law school has placed me months behind. I mean, my last post on this blog was in freakin' August. I have no sense of time. The last thing I remember, it was March, and I was visiting the law school to make sure I wanted to attend. And now it's almost November.

That. Is. Crazy.

I love it, and like I said things are great. I'm just sort of blocked when it comes to writing and talking about life. There's just too much.

I'll leave it to someone else.

Westley: Who are you? Are we enemies? Why am I on this wall? Where is Buttercup?
Inigo Montoya: Let me 'splain.
Inigo Montoya: No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marry' Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape... after I kill Count Rugen.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

22 Days?!

I can't believe it's been 22 days since I last posted. Yes, I have been posting on my law blog, but still, the rest of you are being neglected!


School is going great. It's hard, every bit as hard as they say. I need to get some discipline going fast or I will get overwhelmed. How so??? Here's some math for you.

Every day of class equates to about 2 hours of study. Sometimes it's 3. We'll go with 2 for now.

On Wednesday, I have 4 of my 5 classes. On Tuesdays, I have a 2 hour break between classes, and then class gets out at 3.

So on Tuesday, between classes, I study for Class Number 1. = 2 hours
After classes, I study for Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4. = 6 hours
So on Tuesday, I get done around 9pm if I'm lucky.

On Wednesday, I have about a 1.5 hour break to study for Thursday. This means I am working on my 2 Thursday classes for at least 3 hours after school gets out.


The good news is that on Thursday, if I'm diligent, I can get my Friday reading done early. Today I was done by 4 and spent the day/evening playing on the new Playstation and adoring my baby girl. I think I am going to like Thursday and Fridays. On Fridays, I'm done at noon with NO READING. I think I will plan to read for Class 4 (Legal Research) over the weekend. We'll see how it goes!

In other news, Abigail is doing great at the sitter. Today they picked me up, and while watching Abby the sitter cleaned my house. Best money I've ever spent. She did an awesome job and I got to do homework while the baby was running around. I wasn't dealing with her, but I got to see her and it made me happy. Plus my house is super shiny now! I don't know how often we'll do it, but it was really nice after such a difficult week. Now I can enjoy my weekend and not spending it cleaning.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sea Salt

A restaurant opened down the block from us recently. They haven't put up a sign yet so it was a bit of a mystery as to what type of place it is, until I finally walked up to their door to read the name and menu. They're always busy, so we thought we'd see what the fuss was about. Here is my review, such that it is.

Their appetizers looked good, but there were a lot of Italian words I've never seen before. And that is saying something. We went with a foccacia and olive plate, and a cheese tasting. Four or five types of cheese, walnuts, and honey served with a lightly seasoned foccacia. Pretty awesome. The foccacia and olive plate was good, although the bread was overcooked and charred in some parts.

We decided to go with the fiorentino pizza, which is essentially my pizza with the additions of egg (cooked over-easy) and black truffle. The proscuitto was a little too tough. I couldn't taste the truffle at all. The arugula was the most prominent flavor on the pizza, and as it's just a strong lettuce that's a little disappointing.

We both voted that Settebello is much better, and also agreed that my pizza trumps both. Yay for me!

We both liked the cheese tasting a lot, although I think the antipasti at Settebello is better. They have the yummy cured meats sampler which I prefer to soft cheeses.

The place itself is fairly nice. The chairs are odd and don't really seem to go with the decor. They are this natural grayish wood, and look artisan. The tables and counters are gray/white marble-like with lots of white cabinetry and flooring. Artisan meets hyper-classy? Odd combo. If you pay attention to details, you see the table legs have peeled paint. Unless they are antique (I highly doubt it) this is a little off. Also, they built this place WAY too fast. You can tell because paint is peeling around the inset light fixtures. Yikes. A plus, the wine fridges installed way up high above the bar are really cool. Excellent wine selection, probably 100 different bottles. I went with Diet Coke, but only because I had a strenuous workout right before we went over and my heart rate was all over the place.

All in all, we spent 50 bucks on a meal I could have prepared for 10. Ordinarily I wouldn't worry about that, because I enjoy going out, but I don't think the quality compensated for the cost.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bye Cable TV

When we moved across the street we decided we should probably cancel our cable. So I called in to see what sort of deals they could give us, and they talked me into staying. Not too difficult, as I sort of figured we could just cancel later. Then the following things happened and pushed me to cancel.

1. For one month straight, we almost never used the cable TV. When we did, it was to play Mickey Mouse for Abby in the morning.
2. They screwed up my billing and charged me two late fees I didn't deserve.
3. They charged us 40 for installation and didn't disclose it beforehand.
4. Our bill was supposed to go from 120 a month to around 80 a month with the promo they were giving us, but instead went up to 170.

So, we hauled our cable box and remote (did you know they charge you 25 cents a month to rent THE REMOTE) and told them we wanted to shut off our cable but keep our internet. The girl looked at me and told me I would be charged a 14.00 fee for downgrading and the price of my internet would go up to 52 a month. I said fine.

She smiled and said "Let me see if I can get you a promo deal."

BAM! $19.99 a month for 6 months. NICE! So we went down from 170 to 20!

NICE. And we don't miss the TV at all!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Butte Garden

We have a membership at the local botanical garden (owned by University of Utah) and today we went for the second time. We decided to stop and have our picnic first, and almost immediately Brian goes "look behind you." So I turn around and not 5 feet away is a squirrel with a gullet full of food. He kept running off and then coming back up to us, hoping we would drop some food I'm sure. Then he sprawled out to have a little rest in the sun.

Almost immediately, another little friend hopped out of the flower bed to join us. I felt like fricking Snow White!

Abby was happy to have a snack and was quite enjoying her little squirrel friend, who was not shy about coming right up to the stroller.

As we walked I proceeded to take a ton of photos of the pretty foliage. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Unfortunately I didn't get anything too spectacular as my viewfinder is not a fancy screen intended for bright sun. Maybe someday I will get an upgrade. Brian in particular liked the "Doctor Seuss" flowers. Abby was all too happy to point out that lizards have eyes.

It was a fun day, and now I am all sun-tired and worn out. Nap time!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I started a little project back in October. I hacked up all of Abigail's clothes from her first year. I just couldn't bring myself to donate/sell/toss them, when some of those outfits she wore when she was first born or were particular favorites. So, I decided to make a quilt. After cutting the clothes up and making uniform shapes, I made a quilt design. I did it in Excel and it looked like this:

And then I never did anything with it. I bought a sewing machine to use but with the different types of fabric (some stretchy, some not, some cut against the bias, some the opposite) the machine just wasn't cutting it. So I decided to do it by hand. I needed to be able to lay the whole thing out, because of the design I wouldn't really know where to stop colorwise, but had no place to do it where a particular 1 year old would not destroy it. I decided I absolutely have to get this done before school starts, and determined as soon as we moved into our new place I would get to work.

We moved in on Monday, unpacked on Tuesday, and I have now done 4 out of 18 rows. I had never actually laid out the pieces until just this week. It looks even more incredible than it did in my head. I am SO excited. This will be a cherished heirloom that I will keep forever. People keep assuming I will give it to Abigail, but c'mon, this is way too special to hand off to a rugrat or stick in a box until she's 18. I want to snuggle it, just like I snuggled my little baby when she was wearing these things. Bonus point of using old clothes, they are pre-snuggled. AND they've been washed a million times so they are easy to sew and there is no worry about shrinking or having to be ironed.

Here it is!

I may make a collage with pictures of her wearing the outfits centered around a photo of the quilt.